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Celebrity Likes


Leigh Sales, ABC Presenter

“..this beautiful lacquered box, beautifully wrapped up, so beautiful and so classy. It was on on the windowsill and I remember I could look at the red box and think...there is some beauty to be had."


Rebecca Sparrow - Mamma Mia Blogger  

Rebecca Sparrow, Author

"The little kisses baby hamper was my favourite gift when Quincy was born. My favourite. Opening that red box to find what was inside was thrilling and exciting and incredibly special."  


Dame Quentin Bryce

"I love to send the little kisses box to welcome a dear little baby. It's exciting to choose just the perfect collection of gifts."  


When lovers become parents: Do you still love me now that I shout at you?

August 19, 2016

My pregnant neighbour just a few weeks off giving birth to her third baby said she wasn't looking forward to getting the grumps! At first I thought it was a funny response but now thinking back to my time with a newborn, I remember having the grumps too! A new baby brings so much joy but also at times a very short fuse. This article my sister-in-law recently sent through really struck a chord. When lovers become parents: Do you still love me now that I shout at you? https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/jul/30/when-lovers-become-parents-do-you-still-love-me-now-that-i-shout-at-you?CMP=share_btn_link I saw in the email trail that she had sent it to her husband and his response was "more than ever". Getting a glimpse of this response brought an instant tear...

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July 22, 2016

As we enter the second half of the year many families are faced with the tough decision about whether their child is school-ready. I am one of them. Having a June baby (the cut off month) means the child will start Prep aged only four and a half, with children in their class up to 12 months older. Even if your child shows no obvious signs of unreadiness it is difficult to foresee the impact five full days of school will have, the fatigue factor, and the greater expectation that will be placed on your child. You need a crystal ball!  Researching the topic actually makes the decision harder as you can find powerful arguments for and against. Listening to...

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