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A reoccurring conversation between Anuska and I in our early days of planning Little Kisses Baby Boxes was what charity were we going to support?  We were keen for a charitable organisation to benefit from the sale of each red box.

I am now ashamed to say this was not something that came up when I was 19 and planning the opening of my first fashion boutique however, there is something special about age and how your focus is less on yourself and your own story and more about doing good for the wider community and making a difference to someone else's story. After much consideration we decided on The Pyjama Foundation and we are thrilled to be supporting the wonderful work they do.

The Pyjama Foundation is a children’s charity that is breaking the cycle of disadvantage experienced by Australian children in foster care. They send their highly screened, recruited, and trained Pyjama Angels out to visit children in foster care each week to read books, play games, and engage in other fun, learning based activities. Supporting our true heroes; Australia's foster families.

At our first visit to the headquarters in Brisbane we were saddened to hear about the past trauma and neglect these foster children have experienced. To come out of my bubble of being a new parent and having the time and the resources to shower my son with daily books, language and play, I was horrified to hear of these children that had never touched a book or been told a story or sung a song and were privy to such dysfunctional surroundings and neglect. Basically forgotten. It resonated so deeply. I couldn't help but think how different my son would be with out the beauty of books and the care and attention he received in his early months and years of life.

From a very early age we read to Edward every day. We went through all the usual That’s Not My Pony books and The Zoo pop-up books. You could see reading had a direct correlation between his happiness, confidence and general engagement in life. Being able to name ball, duck, owl, car, truck and doing the animal noises gave him something to be proud of and lay down the foundation of communication and a greater connection to the things in his world. 

This aside we are proud to be supporting a foundation that shares the love of reading and makes a difference to these young kids at such a pivotal time in their life when they are discovering their world, building their confidence and sparking their wonderment.

To read the inspiring story of Bryce Courtenay AM a patron of The Pyjama Foundation and learn more about the amazing work they do for underprivileged children, click here.


Did you know?

Famous Australian author Mem Fox AM is a reading ambassador for The Pyjama Foundation. You can shop her best selling children's book Possum Magic here, or purchase the title as part of our Happy Little Vegemite hamper here where proceeds of the sale will go towards supporting disadvantaged children.

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Rachel Moor
Rachel Moor