Tradition combats trends when it comes to the tiny people

After spending more than twenty five years in the fashion business, in the company of the some of the world’s most stylish fashion editors, it has always been remarkable to see how traditional their tastes are in children’s clothes.

While they are the natural champions of the new and the challenging when it came to the runways, childrens and babies wear is considered to be sacred ground. You do not mess with the classics. If fashion editors ( and designers)  could dress their babies in pure white linen that was woven by a secret order of Italian nuns , or hand embroidered by Estonian grandmothers, then they would. Miniature cashmere cardigans in subtle colours, delicate floral print dresses, tiny lace collars and perfect little pleat skirts are perennials.  Fashion insiders hate anything too trendy, too “fashiony” especially for children. No sunglasses, no headbands for babies, nothing tizzy or glittery or precocious. 

I doubt you would ever see a Christmas themed sweater, unless it was a baby Ralph Lauren cable knit in pure white. Of course, the Australian Christmas calls for baby clothes that are a little less cozy, and there is one item that a fashion parent can never resist. Bloomers. Like these adorable multi frill bloomers in pink and white floral.

They are so cute, and would look so sweet poking out from under a white pique cotton dress, out with a white singlet, or just on their own, like a gorgeous Christmas bonbon. 

  Kirstie Clements

  Author, journalist and former Vogue editor

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