Hop to it! Easter is just around the corner

(image via Martha Stewart)

Gather some twigs or branches, you can spray paint them white if you like. Put them in a jug, mason jar, silver bucket or vase. Hang some decorated eggs on colourful ribbon. You could even glue on some feathers or add any Easter kindy craft the kids bring home.

(image via Pottery Barn)

Egg/Side walk chalk makes a fun Easter basket filler.

(image via Little Kisses)

It's so much fun putting Easter boxes together for the little ones. There are lots of things the Easter Bunny can bring instead of chocolate. Here are a few suggestions.. Bubbles, coloured Play Dough eggs, Egg chalk, Bunny ears, a new book, sunglasses, hat, water bottle, pyjamas, brightly coloured plastic eggs filled with little toys, a bunny nightlight or soft toy, Easter biscuits. Pull it together with some coloured shredded paper and some decorated eggs.

(image via Buzz Feed)

Magical Easter Bunny Footprints.

Leave a cute Easter Bunny Trail for your kids to wake up to on Easter morning, it could lead to their Easter Baskets. All you need is baby powder, scissors and a paper plate to use as the stencil.

(image via Your Cup Of Cake)

Easy Bunny Ear Cupcakes made with marshmallows, so easy and perfect for Easter!

(image via La tana del coniglio)

Easter cookies are a nice alternative to chocolate and perhaps an activity you can do with the kids.

(image via Taste of Home)

Have the family wake up Easter morning with this playfully arranged stack of pancakes.

(image via Worth Pinning)

Heading to a gathering with family and/or friends to celebrate the Easter holiday weekend? How about adding to the holiday fun by constructing one of these quick, simple & delicious fruit trays?


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