The Art of Wrapping

Wrapping is an Art form! 
I learnt this fact the hard way years ago when I started at Fenwick in London.  Wrapping is taken very seriously in the UK and at Fenwick it could elevate your position on the shop floor. Everyone knew who the best wrappers were.

I had twenty thumbs as I stumbled through all the ways to present a gift.  With tape or without, the triple paper crease or just two?  Too much ribbon or not enough? It went on and on.

I had to stop myself asking unwitting customers “can you put your finger here?”. The turning point eventually came, admittedly with a lot of practice and I was hooked. The quality of the paper and the choice of exactly the right ribbon became an obsession and I became one of those known as a wrapper!

To this day I adore the reaction of our customers to our wrapping and love being asked “can you wrap this please?”.

With little kisses online we want every receiver to feel immensely special even with the smallest gifts. That's why every gift is wrapped in the best traditions of a Bond Street department store.   

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