The Special Blanket

My second little boy was going to be a winter baby.  My first baby, George, had been born a few years earlier in the height of a very hot and long summer.  Definitely no need for cosy blankets; strictly nappy and singlet weather.

Now the image of my new little bundle and I curled up in cosy, warm, softness was delicious. I needed a special blanket. My prerequisites were simple; QUALITY!!! Something he could have and treasure for his whole childhood.

I remember the day Branberry was first delivered into the store! Merino wool and cotton – perfect. Made in Australia – wonderful. Plus, the most delicate knits and colours I had yet to come across in my blanket search.

I had to have one!!!!!

Pregnancy as you may well know can make even the most strong minded of women very indecisive.  It took me five months to decide on the mint and blue. 

My baby turns 9 this year and every morning of Louis's life he comes from his bedroom draped in this very special blanket. 

It has travelled to many places and been with him throughout his life as a constant comfort. 

It has been loved but it is as beautiful now as the day I brought it home.


Branberry Mint and Blue Cot Blanket


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