Day in the Online Life

Monday night
9:00pm   Text mum and dad; can they have Edward for the day tomorrow? Persuaded them it's an easy day now Edward has such a long midday sleep. "It's only really like 5 hours not 8!"

10.00pm   No reply!

Tuesday morning

8.00am   “OK” arrives in inbox, relief! So much to do.

8:50am   Struggle to get out the door with time to stop for a take-way coffee and sweet snack (justified by being 5.5 months pregnant). Missing Jocelyn's Provisions already but excited by the coffee and cake options between Toowong and Windsor.

8:55am   Text from Anuska; 2 new box orders this morning. High 5 to Edward which ended in combination high 5’s and 10’s for 5 minutes…running more than a bit late now, grab bag and go.

9:00am   Now outside the door, phone rings, conversation with D.I.G about new plants for the front of our house. Catch up on the James street goss - comforting!! Have got to get MOVING!!!!!

9:15am   Whip into the French patisserie for coffee, croissant and a quiche for mum and dad to hopefully smooth the entrance with loud boisterous toddler.

9:45am   Quick hand over and back in car, text Anuska that I'm “running late".

10.00am   Arrive at Little Kisses Studio. Hollywood park out the front. Nice change!

10:05am   At desks and straight into business. Strange feeling not being behind a shop counter.

11.00am   Stop for tea break accompanied by one of Anuska’s delicious home made apple and cinnamon muffins. Keep quiet about am bakery pit stop.

12:00pm   Style red box for Rebecca Judd. Decide on the Paparazzi box. Fulfil other customer orders. Tissue being concertised like Japanese origami and lashes of ribbon whipping around the studio. Anuska is in full flight.

12.45pm   Courier arrives. Anuska and I exchange a smile feeling chuffed to see our red boxes loaded onto the truck and starting their journey to excited new families.

12:50pm   Duck down to the village shops to organise something for dinner. Going to prove to husband new online business is conducive to happy home life.

1.30pm   Appointment with Natalie from Tickled Pink to discuss fabulous new fabrics options.

2.50 pm   Out the door to relieve mum and dad. Anuska in the car to collect the boys. No after school care for them anymore!

4:00pm   Arrive home having beat the traffic and in time for a stroll to the park. Sit on the grass watching Edward running around with the other kids and have a moment of reminiscing about my day. Feeling freed up by the release of the bricks and mortar store albeit a bit sad as we will miss that face to face contact with our delightful customers. Definitely fuelled full of new ideas and inspiration for the new online business and the direction for the brand leading it into the future...

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Rachel Moor
Rachel Moor