Confessions of a Shop Girl - Stuck on Kate

Way back when in my high end fashion days I came across the occasional celeb! My favourite encounter is when I got the beautiful and very charming Kate Winslet stuck in a dress.

It was in London some time in mid 2000. The beautiful, very charming and very pregnant Ms Winslet came in looking for a dress for an industry event. 

She struck me as a no nonsense kind-a girl, something off the rack will do just fine! But we were in International Collections and to be honest I’m not even sure maternity existed in the store, so I set about finding an assortment of possibilities.

First dress I caught the fabric in the zip and well, there was no budging it. The beautiful and very charming Kate suggested that I pull it over her head. It didn’t sound like a movie star manoeuvre, but I tried it.

It went as far as her armpits and horrifically got stuck. The blood was draining from my body. Leo did not render Kate so helpless in Titanic, he made her fly. This was the opposite.

I began to tug back downwards over Kate’s, lets be honest here, enormous bump!  I had to break the zip to unbind her. As her face emerged from the fabric the beautiful and very charming Kate let out a roar of laughter, levelling my blood pressure.

To my surprise Kate let me put another dress on her; thankfully with no zip. One great sale and one great girl!

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