Precious Memories

Having children seems to do funny things to you!

Two experiences I had with my first pregnancy and child that doesn’t seem so apparent the second time around is the strong nesting instinct that engulfed me and how much my soft sentimental side came out. When I was pregnant for the first time I had a strong urge to clean, wash and rewash brand new baby clothes, reorganize closets, colour code bookshelves, label the linen cupboard, merchandise the pantry the list goes on and on. I’ve since read up on this strange behavior and learned that it’s a pre-labor ritual going back thousands of years that helps you get your home ready for a baby and pass the time. With limited time due to chasing around a toddler, nesting will be carried out on a needs basis only this time around!

The other thing that happened to me was I became a complete sentimental softy. I could cry at the site of something cute or sad, I hoarded all the cards that related to the arrival of the new baby, photos, baby shower paraphernalia, knitted booties, first beanie, documented first words and steps. I was desperate to bottle up this precious time and to preserve the moment. As I embark on my second pregnancy with less time to spend on gathering and documenting the journey I know just tucking away little mementoes at the time will be enough to trigger a myriad of memories and hopefully stop these babies growing up so fast.

I look forward to the day when my children show interest in what’s inside their special keep-sake boxes and we can travel down memory lane together.


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Rachel Moor
Rachel Moor