The Italian Way

Our family loves to cook! In fact it wasn’t until I spent time in Italy that I realised, it’s just the Italian way!

In our family we love nothing more than to get together and prepare food, eat and then discuss the finer details of the ingredients and the success or failure of the dish. We are at times competitive, but that's all part of the fun.

My father has an Olive Grove in a hidden slice of heaven about 45 minutes from Gatton, QLD. I have been going there since I was born and it has been the centre of so many great memories and lots of good meals.

I challenge anyone to make a better wood fired pizza than my father Carlo. God help you if a door is opened and a draft catches the rising dough.


At home the theme continues, cookbooks are my bedtime reading and entertaining for family and friends is my most favourite thing to do.  I like all the little touches, fresh flowers from the garden on the table, cloth napkins and yes everything made from scratch.

The fact that my boys are growing up surrounded by this passion and appreciation of good food and all that it encompasses is truly wonderful. They have both started to learn to cook and are complying their own slice of family history. The passion continues on.

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