A Hat for Baby

It's hard to keep hats on babies, it seems the minute they have control of those little hands the first thing they want to do is reach up and drag it off.

In Australia SunSmart is not optional, so it's essential for your little one to get comfortable with a hat as soon as possible. If you can slide on a pair of sunglasses as well then even better!

It’s a weird phenomenon but the minute summer's over both are harder than hens teeth to find in the stores. Sure you may come across bits and pieces but certainly not near the same choice as you'd find in summer.  For goodness sake we live in Australia and our outdoor lifestyle means we need sun protection all year round!

After many years selling hats for babies the two tiny bits of advice I can give are firstly put one on your little bundle of joy the minute it's humanly possible, that way they don’t know life without it and secondly make sure it's made from natural breathable fibres.  Legionaries styles are great because they keep ears and necks safe without adding too much fabric bulk where it's not needed.

A clever adjustable crown tie not only allows you to get more mileage out of the hat but it makes for the perfect fit. A handy chin tie not only keeps the hat in place but makes it harder for little ones to take off or lose.

When my kids were little I felt like I was buying a new hat a week.  It's still a mystery how we managed to lose so many, however on reflection, the whole hat wearing caper has been a great success, because both boys would not think to leave the house without one.

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Anuska De Luca
Anuska De Luca