No More Phone Mummy

The other day my son burst out crying and tugging at my leg pleading ‘no more phone mummy’ when I shot off an urgent email on my iPhone before engaging in his morning activity. His reaction made me sad and reminded me of the importance of being present in real time and the struggle we have as modern day mothers trying to juggle it all.


This incident really made me stop and think about myself and how this little modern device ‘we can’t live without’ is impacting on my child. You know yourself how frustrating it can be when you want somebody to be fully present with you but sense that half of their attention is dedicated to a phone conversation or getting away an urgent email or text. Although they may intend to be quick so they can then focus on you, you somehow feel less important and secondary to the little hand held device.

I watch with amazement the time and commitment my son receives from his grandparents and feel jealous they have the opportunity to give their undivided attention to him. He is learning so much about his world, how things work, why things happen, creative play and language, from the intense one on one time.

Being part of a rat race where we need to keep ourselves constantly updated with modern technologies to stay connected to work and friends, how do we manage to juggle it all?

It was indeed fortunate that during the same week, a very good article from ‘Daily Mail UK’ landed in my inbox. It emphasised the importance of spending quality time talking to babies and young children. The tips shown below are ones that resonated with me.

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