The Scarf

Lately I’ve been chatting to some of my friends about the one fashion accessory they could not live without. As busy mums and fashionistas we all agree, it is unanimous – the scarf!

You can’t deny scarves give a finish to a ‘look’ in a way that bags or jewellery don’t. They make you feel dressed up even if you’re completely sleep deprived after a night of carrying, rocking and playing peek-a-boo with your little darling. In my case, the trusty scarf makes me feel and look fab after 2 loads of washing, making the school lunches, fixing breakfast, doing dishes, finishing off homework (the kids, not mine) etc etc… All this before 8:00am with only a quick 5 minutes or so to get myself dressed in just enough time to rush out the door for the school run and then to work – whew!! 

I came to the scarf thing pretty late, in fact not until my mid 20’s. I was living in the UK and due to freezing temperatures it was more a necessity than anything – but I’ve never looked back. I think the principles of buying a scarf are simple, choose colours that compliment your skin tones ( It is close to your face), think colours that go with your wardrobe and keep them seasonal (no fluro in winter ladies). The scarf will do the rest. It will keep you warm, lift tired "up all night with baby" eyes and simply looks beautiful.

A scarf is one of my favourite gifts to receive but sometimes you’ll get one in a colour you may have never ever contemplated wearing. A few years ago when given one in neutral tones, I remember thinking  what am I going to do with this as I only wear red! It has become my favourite. 

I have my top 5 picks, the ones that have stood the test of time. They have doubled as swaddles, nursing covers, have wiped away tears and have provided shade for my boys, well-worn and loved. I bought a new one last week, really stretching the boundaries now, the colour….is mustard!! Big step I know but I think (hope) it suits me, my wardrobe and my skin tone.


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