“It takes a village to raise a child.”…and a community to keep the parents sane.”

There is an oft-quoted African saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Less cited is the second half of the saying, ....“and a community to keep the parents sane.” 

Whilst this saying may ring true in many cultures, modern society rarely provides such a ready made network. Instead it's the support that the community and friends can lend to the mother in the early stages that is so invaluable.

Having just recently had a baby myself I can't tell you how much having a network of supporters around you starts you off on the right foot. From the caring expert staff at the hospital ensuring baby and mum are doing well to the stream of messages of congratulations and the random acts of kindness when a freshly baked meal arrives on your door step or another pair of hands ready to help at witching hour. These things alone are small deeds for an individual but if multiplied by a few people create an enormous bandage of support around the mother, keeping her propped up and enjoying her baby bubble for as long as possible.

In our parents era they had their neighbours to count on. Our generation seems less connected to our neighbours so if you don't have much family around you could find yourself quite isolated.

If you have a friend or neighbour with a newborn here are some practical things you can do to create that village of support.

* Offer an hour of your time to help with simple chores such as doing a load of laundry or playing with the older sibling whilst Mum has a rest

* Offer transport or escort the new Mum to do necessary shopping or admin without all the stress of driving and finding parking with a newborn in tow

* Cook some extra portions of whatever you are having for dinner and drop around in time for supper

* Help the new Mum out of the house by suggesting a simple outing such as a walk to the park, or cup of coffee 

* Include an older sibling in a school holiday family activity 

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