For the Jet Set

For the Jet Set - happy kids, happy parents! Claim back your holidays.

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Sky Nanny

Gulf Air offers a free Sky Nanny! Basically a hostess that is at your child’s beck and call. They'll find lots of things to keep your children occupied throughout the journey arranging a snack during the movie or helping with tricky bits of colouring in. They will keep a watchful eye on your child should you doze off or just want to get engrossed in a book or a movie. If you can’t go Gulf Air then Singapore Airlines is another kid friendly airline - no Sky Nanny but they are great with kids.

A paradise for kids =’s a holiday for you


Holidays with kids, same but different! Trying to pretend it was just like the holidays before kids is not realistic. Be savvy by choosing a destination that caters for kids. Country Kids France is one of Europe’s top-rated resorts for young families and offers indulgence, pampering, romance and 'me time'. Isn't that sounding more like a "Holiday"?

Just a few of the fabulous ways they cater for families are;

  • Compulsory baby-sitting twice a week for dinner, so parents can sample the nearby countryside restaurants in peace
  • Pyjama party at 7am friday mornings so parents can sleep in (they came and collected the kids)
  • All day kids club included in the price
  • Fully equipped large apartments with kid’s cutlery, plates, high chairs etc. so you didn't have to worry about ruining anything
  • Toys provided in the apartment
  • Fun packs on arrival with the kids' names on them, including a holiday journal and colouring pencils - made them feel very special
  • Secure fenced property with play grounds, sandpit, mini golf, trampoline, treehouse etc. so kids could wander and have fun without getting lost or into danger

Kid & Coe

New York based Kid and Coe know what it’s like to travel with kids. They understand what makes family travel irresistible yet tricky.Founder Zoie Kingsbery Coe created Kid & Coe out of personal necessity. For years Zoie had been traveling the world managing her husband's music career, kids in tow, and saw that the hotel accommodation that suited a touring couple no longer fitted the needs of her growing family. Zoie began seeking out kid-friendly property rentals that made her family feel at home wherever they were in the world. Check out her website for a list of fabulous rental properties to suit the whole family.

Ride on suitcases and backpack scooters

Ride on suitcases and backpack scooters

Hand luggage sized ride-on suitcases and scooters with detachable bags are the way to go. Wave goodbye to travel tantrums and tired legs with a ride-on suitcase or suitcase scooter. Designed to beat the boredom suffered by travelling tots and they can pack it full of their favourite toys and games.

Baby hire equipment 

Feel overwhelmed by having to pack everything but the kitchen sink? Use the great holiday hire baby-gear websites. You can arrive at your destination to find a pram, car seats, porta cot, kids books and toys all waiting for your arrival. Terrific idea for reducing stress, excess baggage fees and potential damage to your baby equipment in transit.


Happy Holidays everyone!


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