It's our new website!

Welcome to the new storefront!

I know - it's a shock.

Well the good news is that everything is the same. Almost. The same products, baby hampers and the baby store are there, just even easier to browse. Oh, plus some new ones, like the great winter gear from Wilson & Frenchy.

We have always believed in mobile at little kisses. As busy mums, we know many of you like to look for and share products on your mobile phones, so we made sure our first website was designed to work on all your devices. That was quite hard at the time and we always felt that shopping on the desktop missed out on some of the functions we like when we're shopping online.

Our new website makes it a breeze. On desktop it is easier to see the range of products and for the first time, you can really see how lovely these products are together. Handy tags on the left hand side allow you to focus on what you need; be it boy, girl, premi, something for mum or first birthday.

We are super keen to hear what you think. Happy shopping!

Anuska De Luca
Anuska De Luca