Finally a fashion phenomenon new mums must not miss out on

’Athleisure' style has swept through the fashion scene and for new mums with babies, toddlers and a busy family, it is a good thing! I hope it is here to stay.

Sitting on the side lines at the Super Park on Saturday morning with one eye on my toddler scaling the climbing wall and the other hand on the pram of my sleeping baby something big dawned on me. It wasn’t the popularity of the new wave of parks hitting our suburbs but it was what these Mums and Dads were wearing! An unbelievable amount of child minders were parading a new off-duty style that involved a trendy yet comfortable outfit topped off with a pair of sneakers. It screamed 'I’m both health conscious and fashion conscious and ready for all activities the day is going to throw at me'.

Since my epiphany, I’ve noticed several articles on this trend the fashion gurus are calling ‘Athleisure wear’, ‘Après Sport’ or ‘Gym-to-the-office’. They highlight clothes appropriate for athletic or leisure pursuits, or both. Wow! How sensible. Finally Mothers do not have to trade off fashion for convenience, we can now have both.

In my previous life 'pre kids', whilst managing my retail store and observing the foot traffic, I was always perplexed by the number of mothers who spent their lives in workout gear. Why wouldn’t they go home to change before hitting the shops or to run errands?  However after becoming a mother myself I could now understand the need for fashionable yet versatile clothing that would take the burden off multiple outfit changes yet get you through a variety of situations.

'Athleisure' wear enables you to spend the day in comfy gear to taxi the kids to and from school. You are dressed and ready if time permits to get a Pilates class underway. Take your pick whether it is running errands, work, lunch or a stint at the shops, you can now be comfortable and look chic and confident for any eventuality!

Tip: Mash up of cool sportswear and covetable designer must haves

Look to Net-a-Sporter, Stella McCartney for Adidas, Country Road Active and Lululemon for a starting point. All your favourite boutiques will have a range of fashionable kicks to lust after.


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Rachel Moor
Rachel Moor