A sensible reminder to exhausted Mothers from Supermodel Gisele Bundchen

The lead up to May 10 switches the focus from baby gifts and baby hampers to New Mums and Motherhood. And so it should!  I say we give the Month of May to celebrating the wonderful selfless work mothers carry out day after day with very little recognition.

Unlike women who are wired to care for others first, kids are wired to put themselves first, so not much thanks goes into the behind-the-scenes work of mothers. It is just expected that clean clothes turn up in the drawer, yummy nutritious meals appear in front of them like magic as their stomachs start to rumble and driving them around to extracurricular activities and kids parties are a given. Not to mention the broken sleep, the early morning starts, the constant provision of cuddles, support and encouragement which of course Is unfailingly offered. Mothers' time for themselves is dwindled down to small segments, just enough to do the necessities. 

So my advice is to make May all about 'you'. Take a bit of time out to restore balance. You can give and give and give but unless your fuel tank is topped up occasionally you may run out of steam and that won't be good for anyone in the family. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who is becoming quite the outspoken advocate for mothers, advises others to put themselves before their children, comparing it to the directive on airplanes to 'ensure your own oxygen mask is fitted before helping anyone else'.  So you can be the best 'you' possible, which innately effects everybody else in the family, write some good chunks of time-out for yourself. Get a babysitter in occasionally to handle the evening grind in order to make your yoga class, have someone take the kids for some time on the weekend so you can see a movie or have a dinner and strictly adult conversation. It is not a luxury it is a necessity!


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