The power of the 'Mummy Market'

Pregnant women and mothers with babies, once thought a big no-no in the advertising context, are now a market to be reckoned with. Gemma Ward and baby Naia were central to Country Road's Summer Campaign, whilst at Dolce and Gabbana's Milan Fashion show, models, including one that was heavily pregnant, strutted the catwalk carrying babies. The show was even named 'Viva la mamma!' and was entirely dedicated to celebrating motherhood. Flick through any of the latest glossies and you will come across the acceptance if not glorification of this previously excluded demographic. 

Whilst you may not be a fan of this overly staged use of babies as props the underlining message has far greater meaning. It can only be a good thing to acknowledge mothers as a group with purchasing power and influence. Brands aren't silly, they know if they earn a mothers attention and trust, they have a whole new army of loyal customers through their network and word of mouth.

Breast feeding, on the other hand, has always been a taboo subject in many an advertiser's eyes. It was therefore refreshing to see that the new subscribers edition of Elle Australia showcases an intimate portrait of model Nicola Trunfio breast feeding her baby Zion. Editors who are willing to push through the stereotypical barriers do a great service to women and mothers in particular.

'There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than motherhood'.


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