3 Words on Styling a Chic Baby Shower; Tissue Garlands, Giant Balloons and Tassels

Entertaining for milestone events can feel overwhelming but with the addittion of a few well placed decorations and a colour theme, you are well on your way to hosting a chic and memorable event.

Tissue Garlands, which seem to be the craze at the moment, not only make a wonderful backdrop to your food and drink table but have a stunning impact on any space. The beauty of these is that they create one focal point from which all other things can draw, such as the colour of the napkins or the host's outfit. The effect is modern, graphic, glam and a nod to party.

I adore these giant balloons which look super glam when you add D.I.Y tassels. They can be the perfect prop to enhance a photo and an excellent choice for a bold entry statement.

Finding the perfect baby shower gift can be a challenge especially if you are not in that head space. Group gifting is a good idea as you can pool your funds to get something amazing.

Now for the fun!! Non-corny baby shower games can be hard to come by. I have listed a few below that I enjoyed at my own baby shower.

1. Collect a baby photo from everyone prior to the event and see who can match them up to the guest on the day.

2. Have guests guess the name of the baby. If they know you well enough they may include family in the names. I loved hearing combinations people came up with, they were certainly food for thought.

3. Have each guest write a message to the baby in a designated book.

4. Have guests write a few lines of advice for the new mum. I found reading over them prior to the baby being born quite reassuring. Most people wrote very practical and supportive suggestions.


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