Hosting a successful Christening or Naming Day party

Hosting a successful Christening or Naming Day Party isn't hard to do, it just requires a bit of thought and planning. Don't be overwhelmed by the task, get your pen to paper and start writing a list! Often the most enjoyable and memorable occasions are those that look simple but have had the pre-thought and organisation covered well in advance. Too many times I've observed hosts leaving it too late and then rushing around at the last minute and being burnt-out on the big day. 


1. Venue/themimg

Decide on your venue. Whether it be a restaurant, park or at home, it is still important to style the space. White table cloths on buffet tables with silver champagne buckets are a good starting point. Add posies of flowers - single bunches of the one cut flower look gorgeous and far nicer than an over styled bouquet. Don't skimp on fresh flowers they truly make any space more beautiful. Little details like dressing up the serviettes with a tie, flower or herb and framing up the buffet table with a tassel garland, or some well placed balloons or lanterns, add a wow factor. 

You can add personal touches that make your guests more comfortable like a pile of pashminas or blankets if it's cool or a basket of sunscreen and mosquito repellant in the summer time. A side table with a book for guests to write a message brings the focus back to what the day is about. 

2. Guest list

Decide on the guests and if you are including kids consider a time that's going to work for them or at least the majority of your guests. Give your family and friends notice in advance so they can 'save the day'.

3. Menu

Self serve buffet tables take the pressure off you as the host on the day as well as make a feast for the eyes. They can be a decoration in themselves. It also sets a more relaxed tone, allowing guests to help themselves at a time that suits them, and encourages them to mingle amongst the crowd.

Easy menu ideas are a glazed ham, fresh bread and salads with oomph. Condiments like chutneys and mustards and good oil for the bread fancies it up. Cheese platters are always popular and good for feeding a large group.

Make the cake a feature and serve it as the sweet dessert. Perfect accompaniment to tea and coffee or champagne if the party is heading in that direction! 

4. Drinks

Ice buckets with some chilled champagne, wine bottles and mineral waters, give a chic party vibe. Style up a few tubs with some fancier bottles and store the rest in eskies underneath. Serving a signature drink can be fun, it pretties up an area and can also be a talking point weeks after the event. Alcoholic apple ciders and ginger beer can be a refreshing change to drinking wine in the day.

5. Kids

Decide whether the party is suitable for kids or not. If it is, consider them in your planning. Having a kids table with a creative kids box or individual bags can keep them entertained long enough to give you all some peace and quiet. It could include some self serve snacks and a drink.

6. Attire

Christenings tend to be more conservative so put on your Sunday best. That goes for the kids too. Cream and white are popular for the mother and is fitting for the occasion. 


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