De-Stress and Self Express with the Adult Colouring Book Craze. I highly recommend it.

Dust off your Faber-Castells and join the kids at the colouring table. The adult colouring book phenomenom is not going away in a hurry and I can see why. Colouring not only gives you the chance to de-stress and self express but it gives you the opportunity to go off the digital based world that we're in and re-enter that space in your brain that brought relaxation whilst colouring. It is a process that takes us to a unique time and place that is stress free. The experts say colouring helps you achieve mindfulness and banish anxiety.

Colouring reduces stress

Colouring relaxes your mind

Colouring sparks creativity

Colouring has therapeutic value

Colouring is mindful

Colouring lets you re-connect with your inner child

Above all colouring is fun!


Some of the books such as those by Johanna Basford include blank spots where the author encourages people to add their own elements to the scenes. 

Some experts favour patterns and shapes rather than defined pictures. They say it eliminates disappointment and internalised competition.

Dr Rodski says three key elements that prompt positive neurological responses are repetition, pattern and detail. 'When you have things that you can predict will happen in a certain way, it's calming for us'.

A few of my favourites are, Animal Kingdom by Illustrator Millie Marotta and Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. There are many on the market though so take a look for yourself. Who wouldn't want a little bit of distraction and escapism from the 'grown-up world'.



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