The Whispering Videos taking over YouTube

As a new parent did you succumb to white noise music in the hope it would be the saviour in settling your baby? Well replicating everyday sounds such as the fan, dish washer and rain have been taken to a new level and it's not just babies benefiting from it! Millions of stressed out people and restless sleepers are turning to YouTube ASMR videos to be transported to the ultimate state of relaxation. Reminiscent of kindergarten or school years where the sound of old fans whirring around in the heat or the monotone voice of a teacher or the turning pages of a text book left you nodding off.

Maria of Gentle Whispering ASMR YouTube videos uses a soft whispering voice and creates sounds and actions such as folding towels, blowing smoke from an incense burner, flipping through the pages of a magazine, crinkling paper, brushing hair and lightly tapping that have been viewed more than 87 million times! Maria takes the viewer/listener back to their childhood where they associate these simple everyday sounds and actions with a very relaxed state, something akin to being read a story book whilst tucked up in the arms of someone who cares.

Try it for yourself and see if you experience the tingling sensation in your scalp and the back of your neck. Learn what your triggers are to obtain a soporific state.

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