Holiday Hacks

There are so many fun things on for the kids these school holidays. Why not schedule in a few? It's nice to have those unstructured 'pyjamas all day' days too but I always find it much easier to manage the tribe on school holidays when we have a few things in the diary to look forward too.

Sugar Republic


Play in a huge grown-up ball pit, swing in a fairy floss room, jump out of a giant birthday cake, climb inside a gum ball machine, spin the Wheel O’ Treats and more. Sugar Republic is a truly unique experience for adults and kids alike. It’s Australia’s ‘must see’ exhibition for the candy enthusiast.

Speak Up Studio Red Hill

With themes like Unicorn Horns, Moana and The Incredibles, what's there not to get excited about in these school holiday workshops. Your kids can go and make friends, dress up in costumes, develop a love of reading and literature, and extend their performance skills in a supportive, and non-competitive environment. 

Sunsuper Riverfire 2018

Pack up a picnic and head to Southbank to watch the events of Riverfire 2018 unfold. First up is the flyovers and Roulette acrobatic display which is always jaw dropping. Then on to the main event with 11 tonnes of fireworks to be fired from six barges on the Brisbane River, 10 CBD high-rises, the Goodwill Bridge and the Story Bridge, all choreographed to a specially mixed playlist inspired this year by sci-fi and superheroes.

Don't forget to pack some headphones for the very little ones.

Justine Clark Silly Songs Tour 2018

Performing her favourite songs as well as hits from her TV show and new album The Justine Clarke Show! the concert centres around a shared joy of singing, dancing and all the excitement of show time. Don't miss this homegrown queen of children's entertainment perform in person.

Mud Festival For Kids

Green Time vs Screen Time. The Mud Festival will help you get that balance back! Book the kids into some of the fantastic events on offer at this years Mud Festival. Mud squelching through the toes, splattering on your clothes, making mud pies, jumping in mud, swimming in mud, getting mudded all over, Oh what a feeling! 

I hope these holiday hacks will get your family Fun-O-meter cranked up a few notches.


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