A Positive Start to School

Have you got a baby that turned into a Preppy overnight and is starting school tomorrow! No doubt you are over-worrying the preparation to ensure their start to school is a positive one. Don't worry you still have today to get organised!

I am constantly on the hunt for ways to improve and streamline all the gear we have to cart around for Kindy and School. Get smart with your purchases and make sure they improve efficiency.

- Back packs that don't have a water bottle carrier are a nightmare

- Lunch bags that don't fit inside backpacks are a no-no

- Forget straws as having to match up straws to water bottles in a hurry drives you round the bend 


Biome is a great place to visit for a variety of lunch boxes, spill free containers, cooling ice packs that are condensation free, and even clever freezable lunch bags.

Biome sweat proof ice pack

Smiggle adds the fun element with bright lunch bags, cute alphabet keychains that are perfect for personalising belongings and straw free water bottles that even have a built in atomiser for instant heat relief.

Smiggle alphabet sprinkle ball keyring

Woolworths have some funky insulated cooler bags and water bottles by Decor Pumped and Camlebak.

If you haven't completed all your labelling, Officeworks can assist with a variety of adhesive vinyl labels (and have a couple of cool Starwars keyrings too).

It doesn't have to be done for tomorrow but embroidering a child's initials on their school bag in matching school colours looks very smart as well as saving you and your child time finding their bag each day.

For personalising school hats, in addition to writing on your child name, you could iron on a badge of their choice, a flower or animal for example helps them identify it quickly.

To make the mornings less stressful, write down a quick list of food items in categories that your child eats, include dairy, fruits, protein, carbohydrates, veggies and treats. That way you can build a healthy well-balanced lunch box more quickly.

Yumbox lunch box

Tonight help your child practice putting their shoes and socks on a couple of times.

Draw a map from home to school so the child gets a sense of where they'll be in relation to you.

Put a picture of the school and your child's teachers on the fridge.

And don't forget tomorrow to take the obligatory first day photo of your child in their uniform! The front steps is always a nice idea but have you considered one at the school gate? Grab a family shot too while you're there.


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