Staycation - the surprising holiday destination!

Anyone with babies and young kids should try one of these, I'm sure you'll be booking in again next year!

A staycation is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds at night.

Family picnic

Sounds good to me.

No packing the car, no setting up home away from home, no ...

I am looking forward to trying one of these! At every opportunity our family packs up and heads for the hills in the hope of a relaxing holiday that will wash away the city stress. I am even surprised when friends don't take up the opportunity to get out of town for long weekends but I am now realising they are the clever ones as it often ends up being more work than holiday. Packing up to go away with babies and young kids is an enormous job, the car ride can be stressful and setting up the new destination to function like home takes a lot of planning and a lot of stuff.

That's why these holidays we are going on Staycation! We will stay put and spend the money on fun local activities, hired help, meals prepared by someone else and at night time all fall into our own beds and have a wonderful night's sleep. 

Babies sleeping


Day 1. Family in pyjamas until lunch time. Pancakes for brunch.

Day 2. Venture out to one of the fantastic events that you read about in your local paper but yet never get time to do. Winter Festival, Out Of The Box Disney On Ice The Candy Academy Measure Island - we'll need another week!

Day 3. Get a babysitter and have a long lunch with husband and catch a movie at the cinema (wow this is a holiday!)

Day 4. Build forts and cubbies around the house that you never have time to do because you're rushing here and there to the next scheduled event.

Day 5. Finish the photo wall, the kids baby books, buy them new sheets and turn their rooms around. A change is as good as a holiday.

Day 6. Bake - everyone can get involved. Freeze food ready for the new school term.

Day 7. Bring out the board games. Board games and puzzles can be just as much fun for the adults as the kids and it's a lovely way to bond as a family.

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