Ten wonderful ways to make Christmas time more magical for babies and kids

1. Play Christmas carols and dance around.

2. Let the kids be involved in the unpacking, sorting and putting up the Christmas decorations.

3. Make some Christmas Cookies or a Gingerbread House if you're feeling clever.

4. See what events/workshops are around in your local area, for example, Queensland Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert, nothing like a good sing along to get us all in the Christmas spirit. Lighting of the community Christmas Tree. Lantern making. David Jones Christmas Parade...

5. Help the kids to realise Christmas isn't all about them by getting them involved in gift giving. Let them choose a gift to put in the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal or be involved in choosing a Teacher Gift to show their appreciation and thanks, or selecting some of their own toys and clothes to give away to an appeal.

6. Reading Christmas stories in the lead up to Christmas helps the kids understand the meaning of Christmas. Personalised books involving the kids names add extra excitement as well as chatting to Santa or setting up a personalised video. If they are old enough writing to Santa is a fun activity.

When a new baby arrives, starting your own family Christmas traditions is a great thing to do and continue on, some ideas below:

7. Let the children choose a new Christmas decoration each year to hang on the Christmas tree.

8. Have the family go to bed in a new pair of pyjamas so they wake up extra fresh and cute ready for unwrapping their presents and lots of photos...

9. Have a special family ritual the night before. Get into new pyjamas, hang stocking, leave out oats for the reindeers, a carrot for Rudolph and cookies and milk for Santa, don't forget a key if you haven't got a chimney! Read a Christmas story or watch a Christmas movie like Elf and Polar Express.

10. Hide one main present around the house and let the kids search for it on Christmas morning. It prolongs the unwrapping and the fun and excitement. 

Don't forget to leave a sign that 'Santa was here'!

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