Winging It Well - You can do it too!

Mums, are you keeping up with your exhausting schedule? Parenting demands a lot of you these days and if you add young children and babies to the mix or working out of the home it can take the chaos to a whole new level!

The weeks are busy and exhausting, physically and mentally demanding, so the only way to cope and feel like you're winning is to be as organised as possible.

Hands up if you started the new term with renewed energy and enthusiasm thinking you had this super schedule sussed, only to find already you are exhausted and winging it through the weeks. Me, I'll be the first one to admit it!

Every morning after the mad panic of getting the kids out the door to Kindergarten and School I reflect upon the chaos and wonder how it ended up like that.

I start the day with the best intentions. I get up early, finish off the lunch boxes, pack the school bags only to find myself barking the same orders at the kids ..."Have you brushed your teeth, got your shoes on and packed your bag!"

A timely read of Emma Isaacs new book "Winging It" is driving home the importance of ultra-organisation and 'having systems' set you free and help you manage the stuff you can't control or predict, like the baby vomiting on you, toddler tantrums and sibling arguments!

Albert Einsteins quote "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" rings true. It is time for change! Below are some systems I am going to implement to up the anti on the organisational front, in hope of winging it but winging it well!

Getting on top of the morning rush

* Set the tasks out visually so everyone can see what is required of them. Saves asking time and time again for simple tasks to get done.

* Line up the lunch boxes on the kitchen bench in age order, get the chopping boards out in preparation, get the breakfast things ready ... bowls, cups and cutlery. Have the lunch boxes filled with non perishables so the rest can be topped up quickly, water bottles filled in the fridge ready to go. School bags lined up on their hooks. 

* Set up handy stations in a couple of places in the house so you're not reaching too far for things like hair brushes and elastics. Panadol, bandaids and antiseptic cream. Nappies, wipes and tissues. Socks and spare clothes, mobile phone chargers.



*Wash and blow dry your hair the night before or use Dry Shampoo. Instantly saves you 30 minutes the next morning.



*Use beauty products with dual purpose. For example a tinted moisturiser with SPF is a moisturiser, foundation and sunscreen in one!

Have a Sunday planning session 

* Set out 3 - 5 outfits for the week for yourself including exercise gear. Eliminates the question everyday of what to wear!

* Write up on the calendar the weekly dinner plan, saves the last minute panic at the end of the day 'what's for dinner'. Also starting the week with a Lasagne or Family Pie gets you through the first couple of nights.

* Mark your exercise sessions/classes for the the week on the calendar so you just turn up and don't have to think about it. Don't waste time debating about whether you are going to go or not? Alleviates the mental fight with yourself every time.

Online saves time

* Order everything you can online ... Groceries, Kids gifts for parties ... do that at the time the invitation comes in, so you feel ahead of the game and saves a last minute dash to the shops.

* Buy in bulk of the basics so you never run out - Laundry items, toilet paper, tooth paste, kids hairbands.

* Buy double of the items you use regularly - Toothbrushes, mobile phone charges, hairbrushes, sunscreen, mascara. Leave them in the handy stations around the house and your car. If you're a busy mum with one child or more you spend a lot of time in your car! 

Finally be sure to always have something in the diary to look forward to, something you are all working towards. This will take the focus off the daily grind and keep everyone motivated to reach the reward.


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