January 28, 2014

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The Art of Wrapping

Wrapping is an Art form! 
I learnt this fact the hard way years ago when I started at Fenwick in London.  Wrapping is taken very seriously in the UK and at Fenwick it could elevate your position on the shop floor. Everyone knew who the best wrappers were.

I had twenty thumbs as I stumbled through all the ways to present a gift.  With tape or without, the triple paper crease or just two?  Too much ribbon or not enough? It went on and on.

I had to stop myself asking unwitting customers “can you put your finger here?”. The turning point eventually came, admittedly with a lot of practice and I was hooked. The quality of the paper and the choice of exactly the right ribbon became an obsession and I became one of those known as a wrapper!

To this day I adore the reaction of our customers to our wrapping and love being asked “can you wrap this please?”.

With little kisses online we want every receiver to feel immensely special even with the smallest gifts. That's why every gift is wrapped in the best traditions of a Bond Street department store.   

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December 16, 2013

Tradition combats trends when it comes to the tiny people

After spending more than twenty five years in the fashion business, in the company of the some of the world’s most stylish fashion editors, it has always been remarkable to see how traditional their tastes are in children’s clothes.

While they are the natural champions of the new and the challenging when it came to the runways, childrens and babies wear is considered to be sacred ground. You do not mess with the classics. If fashion editors ( and designers)  could dress their babies in pure white linen that was woven by a secret order of Italian nuns , or hand embroidered by Estonian grandmothers, then they would. Miniature cashmere cardigans in subtle colours, delicate floral print dresses, tiny lace collars and perfect little pleat skirts are perennials.  Fashion insiders hate anything too trendy, too “fashiony” especially for children. No sunglasses, no headbands for babies, nothing tizzy or glittery or precocious. 

I doubt you would ever see a Christmas themed sweater, unless it was a baby Ralph Lauren cable knit in pure white. Of course, the Australian Christmas calls for baby clothes that are a little less cozy, and there is one item that a fashion parent can never resist. Bloomers. Like these adorable multi frill bloomers in pink and white floral.

They are so cute, and would look so sweet poking out from under a white pique cotton dress, out with a white singlet, or just on their own, like a gorgeous Christmas bonbon. 

  Kirstie Clements

  Author, journalist and former Vogue editor

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November 14, 2013

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Help Change the World – One Red Box at a Time

A reoccurring conversation between Anuska and I in our early days of planning Little Kisses Baby Boxes was what charity were we going to support?  We were keen for a charitable organisation to benefit from the sale of each red box.

I am now ashamed to say this was not something that came up when I was 19 and planning the opening of my first fashion boutique however, there is something special about age and how your focus is less on yourself and your own story and more about doing good for the wider community and making a difference to someone else's story. After much consideration we decided on The Pyjama Foundation and we are thrilled to be supporting the wonderful work they do.

The Pyjama Foundation is a children’s charity that is breaking the cycle of disadvantage experienced by Australian children in foster care. They send their highly screened, recruited, and trained Pyjama Angels out to visit children in foster care each week to read books, play games, and engage in other fun, learning based activities. Supporting our true heroes; Australia's foster families.

At our first visit to the headquarters in Brisbane we were saddened to hear about the past trauma and neglect these foster children have experienced. To come out of my bubble of being a new parent and having the time and the resources to shower my son with daily books, language and play, I was horrified to hear of these children that had never touched a book or been told a story or sung a song and were privy to such dysfunctional surroundings and neglect. Basically forgotten. It resonated so deeply. I couldn't help but think how different my son would be with out the beauty of books and the care and attention he received in his early months and years of life.

From a very early age we read to Edward every day. We went through all the usual That’s Not My Pony books and The Zoo pop-up books. You could see reading had a direct correlation between his happiness, confidence and general engagement in life. Being able to name ball, duck, owl, car, truck and doing the animal noises gave him something to be proud of and lay down the foundation of communication and a greater connection to the things in his world. 

This aside we are proud to be supporting a foundation that shares the love of reading and makes a difference to these young kids at such a pivotal time in their life when they are discovering their world, building their confidence and sparking their wonderment.

To read the inspiring story of Bryce Courtenay AM a patron of The Pyjama Foundation and learn more about the amazing work they do for underprivileged children, click here.


Did you know?

Famous Australian author Mem Fox AM is a reading ambassador for The Pyjama Foundation. You can shop her best selling children's book Possum Magic here, or purchase the title as part of our Happy Little Vegemite hamper here where proceeds of the sale will go towards supporting disadvantaged children.

Image via BubHub

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October 28, 2013

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“What would Kate do?”

Sometimes I ask myself, “What would Kate do?” 

I can’t help but look to our elegant Duchess for guidance of the royal, yet very real, variety. She is a woman of stylishly-thrifty ways (only she can make Reiss look like Rodarte).  With several friends expecting, who else would I turn to for luxe but practical tips and gift ideas than Kate?

Or perhaps we should call her ‘Kate of the Lindo Wing’. Oh how I loved reading about her hospital stay; brief as it was. I remember my days in the maternity wing with its stiff sheets, shared bathroom and overcooked carrots. It would be fair to say that Kate and I had very different hospital experiences. 

I want my loved ones to have what Kate had - the 5-Star luxury, stylish accruements and sleep and beauty benefits. All of course without the nightly price tag.

So here is what my pregnant loved-ones can expect come labour day - all in the manner of Kate the Great with the help of Little Kisses Luxuriate Baby Hamper.

Slip silk eye mask : Because, despite the dirty laundry and overflowing sink, one should sleep whilst the baby sleeps. I’m sure Carol ensures Kate does. This little slip-of-a-thing is pure silk, so feels utterly divine to wear. Plus it gives absolute blackout which is essential for catching some shut-eye during daylight hours.

Slip silk pillow case :  A MUST for anyone lucky enough to have Kate-esque hair. Why? As you sleep, you slip and slide seamlessly over the silk, eliminating any chance of unslightly bed hair. I mean, who has time to blow-dry one's hair in hospital? It is also fantastic for avoiding eye wrinkles -  all the good beauty therapists recommend it. Not that this is an issue for Kate… yet. Bet Carol has one though.

Vanilla scented battery-operated candle : Who doesn’t love a beautiful travel candle? No matter how sterile the surrounds, a whiff of something delicious always makes you feel at home. Yet lighting a match in the maternity ward? I doubt the Lindo would allow it. So I give you this awfully clever battery-operated candle. It flickers as if there were a flame, and imparts the most delicious hint of vanilla. All without putting the entire ward at fire-risk. Brilliant! 

Spun Scarf : I adore a scarf and notice Kate does too. We have that at least in common. This fabulously sheer, colourful version is perfect for adding a little zip to a tired, drawn, sleep-deprived face. It also doubles as a stylish nursing cover when one needs a little privacy. Also makes a fashionable keep-sake for the chic new mother.



Aromatherapy room spray : I have a hunch the Lindo Wing smells rather gorgeous. No doubt it heaves with the scent of gardenia, rose and hyacinth. For the hospital room lacking this fabulous sensory overload, this heavenly room spray should do just the trick. Pinging with delectable essential fragrances of orange and jasmine, it deodorises whilst freshens the deadliest of rooms. It is organic, so very gentle for new born noses. It makes for the perfect pep-me-up or room freshener come visiting hour.

Elizabeth Clarke is a fashion stylist and fashion and beauty writer. Her blog modernmothersholygrail.wordpress.com serves as research for her upcoming book on stylish modern mother-dom.

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October 21, 2013

Ten minutes: Welcome to Little Kisses from our Directors

A popular shopping destination for Brisbane residents since 2003, Little Kisses has continued to shape the way new parents approach baby-dom for a decade. Following a successful stretch as a premium shopping destination for locals little kisses’ owner and director Rachel Moor has decided to expand online, making the desirable product selection and renowned customer service available nationally.

Bringing a wealth of skills, style, and expertise to the new venture is Anuska De Luca, Brisbane-based artist, retail stylist, and mother-of-two. The brain-baby Little Kisses was a moment of epiphany between Rachel and Anuska. Their desire to not only curate the of best baby-dom, including essentials for the expectant mother and the arrival of her new born, but to provide an exclusive, highly personalised gifting service to style-savvy, busy customers to ensure each little kisses red box is delivered with sentiment.

RM: I love taking the hassle out of shopping for busy people. As well as Little Kisses I am a personal shopper. I love finding that perfect special thing for the busy client. The combination of my long history in retailing baby wear and products and having a baby myself saw me wanting to combine all the best things for this very special time in your life and bring it to you in the most beautiful and stress free way. Customers love our service and personalised touch, and we are now making that accessible at any time or place - accommodating the many demands of modern living. 

AD: When this amazing opportunity came up to be part of this new venture for Little Kisses I jumped on it. I have been with Kisses brand since 2003 and have been instrumental in developing the stores reputation and service.  I feel so loyal to the business and it's been an emotional journey with our customers supporting them through pregnancy and beyond. It really is one big family. I share the same commitment and passion for the brand and its customers.

AD: We wanted the recipient to get that excited light up your face experience when they realise someone has bought them a little kisses red box. The monogram base was designed to tie in with the fabric of retailing. I guess it evokes a feeling of lashings of fine ribbon that is often used to tie around little boxes that house a special little gift.

RM: We are excited to head global. One of our boxes was snapped up for a gift for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and William for baby Prince George. We have heard they loved receiving the box with all the beautiful Australiana themed products and they are looking forward to reading George, Mem Fox’s Australian classic Possum Magic.

RM: We want to put the glamour back into gift giving. New parenthood is such an exciting an emotional time for not only Mum and Dad, but also for family and friends. Recent years have seen gifting become quite streamlined with the introduction of gift vouchers. We want to put the ‘personal touch’ back into gift giving and deliver a product that can be treasured for years to come.

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