Heirloom Cashmere Baby Booties - Snow

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The cashmere baby booties are gender-neutral and feature a structured rib cuff with adjustable or removable laces, ensuring they stay secure of your little ones feet.

Perfectly pairs with a cashmere baby bonnet and baby blanket.

  • 100% Pure Cashmere
  • Suitable for 0-3 months
  • Hand wash or wool/delicate cycle recommended
What is Cashmere?
Cashmere is the natural fibre collected from the underbelly of Capra Hircus goat found in the Himalayan regions. Such altitude and climate have evolved the animals with superior heat insulation abilities. Cashmere is the finest, softest and warmest fibre found in nature. 
Heirloom Cashmere Baby Booties - Snow
Heirloom Cashmere Baby Booties - Snow