Putting The Love Back Into Gift Giving

I don't know how I feel about a Baby Registry, nominating all the baby gifts you’d like to be given. It’s certainly wonderful for a new mum to receive all the things she really needs to set her up for Motherhood but where’s the element of surprise in unveiling a gift from a loved one, the excitement of the gift giving moment, the element of joy in finding out you actually love what your friend has chosen for you. Of course babies most of all need love, so anything else they get given is a bonus, and hey your friend who's had 3 kids might actually know what will be useful and your girlfriends with no kids will probably buy you something really awesome as it's an opportunity for them to swoon through the baby stores. On the other hand older folk might get you something knitted with a nod to the yesteryears but how gorgeous is that!


So much love has been removed from the gift giving moment with people scripting their entire lists and the ready use of on-line gift cards. However at Little Kisses we wanted to bring the joy back into gift giving so we designed our baby hamper with that exact moment in mind, creating the box to be as beautiful on the outside as what’s inside. It can be kept as a keepsake or memory box for treasures as well. We want a new mother to feel special when she first looks at her gift.

(Hello Handsome Baby Hamper)

Our thoughtfully curated hamper features premium, yet surprisingly affordable, gifts chosen by experts in Babydom so there is no fear of any of the items not being put to good use. Each detail is carefully planned, right down to the hand-written card and the last bow and piece of tissue concertinaed around the package.

For customers seeking to personalise their gift further a concierge service is available.

So if you need assistance in putting the personal touch back into gift giving our go-to baby list may come in handy.

Delight Decor Bunny Light 

The Little Linen Company Bamboo Swaddles

Toshi Baby Cap

Emu Lamb Skin Rug

Wilson & Frenchy Romper & Hat

Little Kisses Baby Hampers

Lauren Hinkley Knitted Booties

Alimrose Knitted Blanket

Rock-A-Bye Baby Cd 

Dove & Dovelet Galactic Pram String

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