October 24, 2018

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A Little Kisses hamper is designed to delight

Little Kisses hampers are more than just another gift to welcome a new baby. Each product that goes into a Little Kisses hamper has been carefully selected to be both stylish but also something practical the parents can use. Many of our brands are Australian made and support small and local business, so the love goes both ways. 

The ultimate gift pack for a new mum or mum-to-be is the Platinum Baby Hamper $299 available in silver, pink and blue. This super selection is spread across two Little Kisses hampers and includes absolutely every new baby essential for bath & bed in stunning whites. It is a great group gift for a a newborn or to make a mark at a Baby Shower.

If you are looking for a stylish Australiana gift our Happy Little Vegemite Hampers $145 will be just the thing. Available in boy and girl it makes the perfect present for the mini-antipodean abroad or anyone wanting to send a bit of Australian love to a new baby. From the wonder and delight that is Possum Magic to the very cute koala coordinates and cuddly Australian native. Expect baby's first word to be KOALA.

Our One Fine Day Baby Hampers in flora and blue are a smart choice. These entry level hampers at $135 are a perfect selection of baby essentials for a new arrival, with a romper, bassinet sheet set, baby nourishing lotion and the softest snuggle bunny. A great summer gift.


Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Our Baby Book Club Hamper $135 is a selection of delightful and well known children's story books for a baby or toddler. Starting the love of reading early and continuing through those first few years gives a child a head start and develops a life long love of reading. Neddy Teddy will want to join in story-time and will be the best bedtime companion

Did you know our first ever red box was commissioned by the Governor General and sent to Prince George! We heard back, the parents were looking forward to reading George Possum Magic. How adorable. Now what to put together for the impending arrival of Meghan and Harry's baby! Maybe Possum Magic is a good start.

Hand-styled in the best department store tradition and packed with our selection of fine baby gifts, Little Kisses puts the glamour back into gift giving. Adored by modern mummies such as Megan Gale, Rebecca Sparrow, Lisa Wilkinson, Leigh Sales and Libby Trickett, your red box purchase is designed to delight.

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March 15, 2018

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Thoughtful vs thoughtless baby gifts!

I'm sure all of you new mums have received a dud baby gift before! A baby hamper filled with unusually random items! Why isn't there more thought going into stylish baby gifts? Surely it's worth spoiling a friend, family member, special client expecting a baby, or staff member taking maternity leave. They will always remember the beautiful gifts they received as it's such an important time in their lives, I certainly did.

That's why we have so much joy in doing what we do ... curating beautiful baby hampers for new Mums. Being mothers ourselves and rooted in the fashion industry our boxes are filled with stylish and sought after baby gifts but always with practicality in mind. We love to support local and Australian baby labels wherever we can.

Starting with the glossy red box we bring the joy back into gift giving. They feel pampered as they open their impeccably wrapped box to reveal luxurious gifts in fine foil tissue. We've choreographed the true gift experience where quality and small details matter. Because that's what says 'we think you're special'. 

Over the weekend we had fun styling and shooting our new season autumn/winter hampers which we're excited to have now live on our website. Hope you can find a thoughtful gift to spoil a new mum and baby. 

Happy Shopping!








June 10, 2016

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Kate leads the way - a practical not perfect approach to Motherhood

It is reassuring for new mothers to see how refreshingly down to earth Kate is when it comes to babies, motherhood and her royal lifestyle.

I must admit I too was a gasp when I came across a picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Queens Garden Party in the same cream (Alexander McQueen) suit she wore for Prince George’s Christening. Fashion lovers and royal fans hang out for her appearance at royal events seeking so much pleasure in her parade.

But why wouldn’t she recycle it, shouldn’t we praise her for this? It’s a perfectly suitable choice for a garden party. There is this expectation she will always be in something new, what with designers throwing their wares at her, so it takes a very level headed sensible person to resist. I love that Kate brings normality to a not so normal situation. 

There was the time she had the family portrait taken and Charlotte had one shoe on the ground. The photographer claimed it was a very normal family portrait, "frenetic and rushed"!  Then the photos published recently of Princess Charlotte turning one weren't taken by a famous photographer at all, rather they were taken by Kate herself, the mother! She also sent out a very sweet yet uncomplicated thank you card to everyone who sent her a present. Well how normal is that! 

The first ever Little Kisses hamper delivery was sent to the Duke and Duchess prior to the birth of Prince George. At this stage no one knew if it was going to be a boy or a girl so the gift giver sent them a beautiful mix of both. I remember the pink and blue check Branberrry blankets going into the box along with the cream Flatout bear, so we were pleased to hear a girl followed so she could make use of both. Knowing how sensible Kate is, it wouldn't surprise me if these gifts were put to good use! 

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June 01, 2016

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Putting The Love Back Into Gift Giving

I don't know how I feel about a Baby Registry, nominating all the baby gifts you’d like to be given. It’s certainly wonderful for a new mum to receive all the things she really needs to set her up for Motherhood but where’s the element of surprise in unveiling a gift from a loved one, the excitement of the gift giving moment, the element of joy in finding out you actually love what your friend has chosen for you. Of course babies most of all need love, so anything else they get given is a bonus, and hey your friend who's had 3 kids might actually know what will be useful and your girlfriends with no kids will probably buy you something really awesome as it's an opportunity for them to swoon through the baby stores. On the other hand older folk might get you something knitted with a nod to the yesteryears but how gorgeous is that!


So much love has been removed from the gift giving moment with people scripting their entire lists and the ready use of on-line gift cards. However at Little Kisses we wanted to bring the joy back into gift giving so we designed our baby hamper with that exact moment in mind, creating the box to be as beautiful on the outside as what’s inside. It can be kept as a keepsake or memory box for treasures as well. We want a new mother to feel special when she first looks at her gift.

(Hello Handsome Baby Hamper)

Our thoughtfully curated hamper features premium, yet surprisingly affordable, gifts chosen by experts in Babydom so there is no fear of any of the items not being put to good use. Each detail is carefully planned, right down to the hand-written card and the last bow and piece of tissue concertinaed around the package.

For customers seeking to personalise their gift further a concierge service is available.

So if you need assistance in putting the personal touch back into gift giving our go-to baby list may come in handy.

Delight Decor Bunny Light 

The Little Linen Company Bamboo Swaddles

Toshi Baby Cap

Emu Lamb Skin Rug

Wilson & Frenchy Romper & Hat

Little Kisses Baby Hampers

Lauren Hinkley Knitted Booties

Alimrose Knitted Blanket

Rock-A-Bye Baby Cd 

Dove & Dovelet Galactic Pram String

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July 26, 2015

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Baby hampers by Little Kisses - Thank you Baby Berry!

Baby hampers by Little Kisses

(written by the wonderful girls at Baby Berry)

What is the ideal baby gift? Good question. It's always so hard to know! Enter Little Kisses. They will make it incredibly easy for you with their gorgous baby hampers!

Sourcing the very best from around the globe, Little Kisses baby hampers are delivered in a beautiful, monogrammed red box. Each one perfectly put together with all the things new parents need.

The new online store has hampers that combine enchantment, quality and practicality; the finest babywear, toys and accessories and no need to fight for a car park (such a bonus about online shopping!).

Oh and by the by... the Little Kisses baby hampers are so special, they’ve already received the royal seal of approval, with the first iconic red box commissioned as a gift to Prince George and also one for the lovely Princess Charlotte! They heard back from William and Kate. And as you would expect, they said they were delighted the gifts!

So if you purchase one of these, you know you're in great company (or should I say, Royal company!)

And while we're at it... I'll also mention a few other people who also have one of these gorgeous hampers.. Megan Gale, Leigh Sales, Carrie Bickmore, Jamila Rizvi, Leila McKinnon, Mia Freedman, Bec Sparrow...

August 21, 2014

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Traditional wooden toys never really go out of fashion

Children’s wooden toys have been around for ages keeping children happy and entertained.

The toys I notice my son getting the most pleasure out of over and over again are of the wooden variety. He never seems to tire of them. We have endless games with his wooden fire station, work bench, digger and blocks. There is no button to press, where he just sits back to watch it do its own thing. No he has to manually push, pull, turn or connect parts of the wooden toy himself. It’s a delight to watch and listen to. These types of toys teach a child about themselves, letting them realise that they have the ability to make things happen.

Because traditional wooden toys are natural, simple in their design and mostly resemble common-place objects familiar to a child’s play they continue to appeal and never really go out of fashion. They do not require batteries or electronic intervention giving them an indefinite lifetime. The fact they are mostly finished in primary colours makes them easy on the eye (and the ears!).

They are as much a delight to children and their parents today as they were many centuries ago. Wooden toys look more charming as they age, whereas plastic toys tend to wear out, get broken and thrown away. We acquired an old rocking horse that was passed down through generations. It has had some minor repairs but it still brings as much joy to our son today as it would have done to previous family members. Why not start a tradition in your family with the gift of a beautiful wooden toy for each new arrival - it may too become a family heirloom.


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April 08, 2014

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Wilson and Frenchy - charm and a whole lot of practical

I don’t think anything can beat a good quality onesie with feet and a zip. In my mind it's the equivalent of choosing to buy a dress over separates. It's easy, you throw it on baby and no matching co ordinates are required. During cooler months little feet stay warm and no buttons means quick as a flash nappy changes.
It is not until you've been a first time mum and cried over the time it takes you to match up a hundred wretched popper studs or the inconvenience caused by having the fastenings at the back or the fuss buttons cause by making you think you are all fingers and thumbs that you realise the ingenious design of an all in one zip romper! Once you have discovered this you will never deviate, especially in the crucial 12 weeks when you are sleep deprived and in survival mode and function must follow form.
When giving guidance on baby layettes and baby gifts I can't help but harp on about this wardrobe staple. I have become so practical for a girl rooted in fashion that my friends are all quite shocked but thankful when they heed my advice.
Melbourne-based designer label Wilson & Frenchy have managed to roll a whole lot of thoughtfulness into their adorable onesies. Your little bundle will look amazingly sharp in any one of their hand illustrated designs but the beauty of Wilson and Frenchy is more than one layer deep. Each design is printed on the finest threads of cotton and only in factories that proudly wear the fair trade sticker. 
Ranging in sizes from just-brought-into-this-world (size 0000) to “hey, I’m getting used to being out here” (size 0), our winter 2014 Wilson & Frenchy rompers are accompanied by some divine and very practical hats and bibs too. 
Little Kisses is proud to represent this wonderful brand in our baby store and with this refined crafty vibe and a smattering of nature we are able to offer you function and form for the perfect baby gift!

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