Traditional wooden toys never really go out of fashion

Children’s wooden toys have been around for ages keeping children happy and entertained.

The toys I notice my son getting the most pleasure out of over and over again are of the wooden variety. He never seems to tire of them. We have endless games with his wooden fire station, work bench, digger and blocks. There is no button to press, where he just sits back to watch it do its own thing. No he has to manually push, pull, turn or connect parts of the wooden toy himself. It’s a delight to watch and listen to. These types of toys teach a child about themselves, letting them realise that they have the ability to make things happen.

Because traditional wooden toys are natural, simple in their design and mostly resemble common-place objects familiar to a child’s play they continue to appeal and never really go out of fashion. They do not require batteries or electronic intervention giving them an indefinite lifetime. The fact they are mostly finished in primary colours makes them easy on the eye (and the ears!).

They are as much a delight to children and their parents today as they were many centuries ago. Wooden toys look more charming as they age, whereas plastic toys tend to wear out, get broken and thrown away. We acquired an old rocking horse that was passed down through generations. It has had some minor repairs but it still brings as much joy to our son today as it would have done to previous family members. Why not start a tradition in your family with the gift of a beautiful wooden toy for each new arrival - it may too become a family heirloom.


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