September 13, 2018

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Bali Break - Yeah Baby!

After returning from a week’s break in Bali with two young kids and a 10-month old baby, I can't help but promote the place to exhausted families in need of a bit of R and R. For the very first time it was a real holiday where Mum and Dad got a break too! Sure in Australia we have some of the best beaches in the world only a short drive away but the beach isn't a holiday for me. Having someone cooking and cleaning and the option of affordable child minding is a holiday!!

You don't go to Bali for beautiful beaches, you go for the relaxing vibe, dreamy day clubs, fantastic food, and the whole villa experience!! It's also wonderful for the kids to be immersed in a completely foreign culture.

Why Bali is a great family break.

1. It’s a direct flight away.

Bali is only about 6hrs away (less on the return) .... look ahead for the best deals. The flight is direct and mid morning flights are available for both the departure and return so no killing yourself to get everyone up and out the door to the airport. With inflight food and entertainment the holiday starts here.

2. A culture that loves kids

The Balinese people love children so wherever you go you are welcomed with a warm smile and the kids get loads of attention as opposed to the glares you can get when eating out with kids elsewhere.

3. No cooking

To get a break on holiday there has to be no food preparation involved .... no buying, cooking or washing up! All the good Villas in Bali come with house staff so cooking and cleaning is taken care of and often child minding as well. 

4. Affordable Childcare

Bali has very affordable childcare (~$6.50/hr) as well as having children's clubs at a lot of the resorts and Beach Clubs. Many of the Villas provide for Babysitting but if you are not comfortable with this you can also hire an affordable experienced nanny through Bali Baby Hire.

Bali Tips

Bali Baby Hire  Megan and the Team at Bali Baby Hire can help you with all sorts of things to make you're Bali Break more relaxing ... from child minding to delivering the essentials like a porta cot, high chair and play pen to extras like bouncers, blocks and walkers. They can also erect a temporary pool fence which is common practice in Bali to help Westerners feel comfortable with the open plan Villas and private pools.

Top Restaurants

You won't be disappointed with any of these!

BarbacoaMetisSardineSarong, La Lucciola, Bambu, Mamasan

Beach Clubs and Restaurant for Parents and Kids

Mano Beach ClubDa Maria, Mrs Sippy, W Hotel, Potato HeadFinns Recreation Club 

Two Must-Do Activities for the Kids

1. Hire a driver for the day and head up to Ubud. Stop at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary then keep going up to the Royal Palace then just up the hill from that is a lovely Restaurant 'Lumbung' with a serene outlook. After lunch the kids can run around at the luxe rural resort Desa Visesa where there is an abundance of animals; ducks, fish, eels, roosters, horses, cows and an amazing owl! And a seriously beautiful playground with all play apparatus made from solid wooden beams. There is a bar there for you and some relaxing hammocks that look over the amazing property. I would seriously look at staying here too. Heavenly for young children.

2. Hire a driver for the day and head to one of the sea temples 'Tanah Lot'. On the way home stop in for lunch at Sawah Restaurant Mengwi. It is a hidden gem, owned and operated by a local Balinese surfer. The kids can run around the rice paddies while you indulge in the very tasty Indonesian food that rivals the best restaurants in the city. 

Best Coffee

Expat and Grocer and Grind


Villa Lulito Seminyak - For a total spoil. An elegant colonial retreat designed by Australian interior designer Stuart Membery with a tribute to Ralph Lauren’s polished Caribbean style.

Villa Suar Seminyak - Located in the most fashionable and trendy area of Seminyak and around the corner from Grocer and Grind Coffee Shop! 

Villa Senja Batu Belig - 100% of the profits of the Villa Senja Group are donated by Wheelton Philanthropy to projects helping the children of Bali

Good Living Asia Have some very specific requirements? Contact Good Living Asia, they can tailor your Villa escape. 

 Happy holidays!


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September 29, 2015

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Getting savvy about surviving the last days of school holidays

School holidays provide an ideal break from the hectic routine of kids, school and sport. While the break is welcomed by kids, for parents this can mean added anxiety levels about how the kids are going to fill in their time.

If you have some blank days, get them working on household projects that benefit everyone.

Neon twigs

There is something about Driftwood that is aesthetically pleasing. Washed up on the shore by the action of wind, tide and rain, you get the feeling it has encompassed an interesting journey. It always looks gorgeous styled in a home. Attach it to the wall as an interesting art installation or leave it pilled on a side board or in a basket.

What you need:

Variety of Driftwood or other interesting shaped logs

Acrylic paint

Paint brushes (Foam brushes leaves a really smooth finish)

Tape for stripes



Dots, wide stripes and chevron look good

Leave parts of the log unpainted 

Paint right around the wood (360.C)


Handmade Thank You Cards - wax resist paint technique

Didn't you just love doing this as a child? Swishing your brush over the wax on the card to reveal the message! It's an easy and fun craft that even toddlers can have a go at. Having thank you cards on the ready and a few items in the gift drawer means you are never caught out. 

What you need:

Watercolour paints

White crayon

Watercolour paper (blank gift cards or white card stock)

Ice cube tray or small cups



Write your words or draw an image on the card. You won't be able to see exactly what you are doing due to the white on white but don't worry about being perfect as the imperfections add artistic merit!

Dip the paint brush into water, then into the watercolour paint and swipe it over the crayon inscription to reveal what was written or drawn. It is a whole lot of fun and also a mini science lesson in 'resist art' creating art out of two materials that resist or repel each other.


Milo Balls

(recipe c/-

Kids love to help in the kitchen! Why not get them involved in some easy recipes you can make and freeze for school lunches, so you are organised for the new term. 


250 grams Milk Arrowroot

395 grams Condensed Milk

4 tbsp Milo

Desiccated Coconut for rolling



1. Crush the biscuits until small or fine (works well in a food processor).

2. Add Milo and condensed milk and mix until well combined.

3. Roll into teaspoon sized balls with your hands (damp hands make the balls easier to handle) and then roll in the shredded coconut to coat.

4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until firm.


This blog was created or shared for the enjoyment of visitors to Little Kisses baby gifts and hampers