March 15, 2018

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Thoughtful vs thoughtless baby gifts!

I'm sure all of you new mums have received a dud baby gift before! A baby hamper filled with unusually random items! Why isn't there more thought going into stylish baby gifts? Surely it's worth spoiling a friend, family member, special client expecting a baby, or staff member taking maternity leave. They will always remember the beautiful gifts they received as it's such an important time in their lives, I certainly did.

That's why we have so much joy in doing what we do ... curating beautiful baby hampers for new Mums. Being mothers ourselves and rooted in the fashion industry our boxes are filled with stylish and sought after baby gifts but always with practicality in mind. We love to support local and Australian baby labels wherever we can.

Starting with the glossy red box we bring the joy back into gift giving. They feel pampered as they open their impeccably wrapped box to reveal luxurious gifts in fine foil tissue. We've choreographed the true gift experience where quality and small details matter. Because that's what says 'we think you're special'. 

Over the weekend we had fun styling and shooting our new season autumn/winter hampers which we're excited to have now live on our website. Hope you can find a thoughtful gift to spoil a new mum and baby. 

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August 19, 2016

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When lovers become parents: Do you still love me now that I shout at you?

My pregnant neighbour just a few weeks off giving birth to her third baby said she wasn't looking forward to getting the grumps! At first I thought it was a funny response but now thinking back to my time with a newborn, I remember having the grumps too! A new baby brings so much joy but also at times a very short fuse.

This article my sister-in-law recently sent through really struck a chord. When lovers become parents: Do you still love me now that I shout at you?

I saw in the email trail that she had sent it to her husband and his response was "more than ever". Getting a glimpse of this response brought an instant tear to my eye - a happy and sad tear. Happy for all those supportive partners who's commitment never falters through the toughest times of raising a young family but sad for the reminder that your bubbly and carefree pre-baby self temporarily gets replaced with a cranky and tired version.

I am grateful we got through this phase and can see more time for us on the horizon.

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May 05, 2016

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It wasn't until I became a mother myself that I truly understood the sacrifices mothers make to raise their children and for that I honour them. Below we share with you a beautiful piece from a gorgeous mummy who like most of us have never been forced to be so selfless.

A letter to my one-year-old & an ode to new mothers

You were only just over 2kg when you were born, one year ago today. You simultaneously blew my world apart and put it back together again, with a greater colour and vibrancy than before. Life before you had been two-dimensional and two-toned, although I didn’t know it at the time. You arrived and the world became infinitely more full of meaning and purpose and potential.

You were so vulnerable, and yet strong. Born early and tiny, you needed me more than anyone had ever needed me before; my breasts and energy and sleep and thoughts were yours by necessity, because you needed your mummy to live. I was literally your life line.

After you, who did I become? Who was I after I became a mother? My identity - my very heart, body and soul - seemed to belong to you, was indeed bound to you. Never had I borne the weight of such responsibility, or such honour. Never had I been forced to be selfless. Never had another’s life depended on my own so profoundly.

Growing up, all the world was open to me. I was told that I could be anyone, do anything; as a woman of the 21st century, no door was closed to me. I was unprepared for motherhood. Yes, becoming pregnant was unexpected, but I would have been unprepared even if I had been waiting for you.

I was used to marching to the beat of my own drum. Following my dreams, making plans and executing them without much thought to others, because no one depended on me; becoming a mummy of a tiny baby even going to the bathroom and feeding myself were “rights” that had been taken away. Your needs came first. Every time. I loved you with a fiery passion; your delicate little features and sweet expressions.

My iPhone became full of pictures of you - I took at least 50 a day. Yet I remember wondering "how the hell did my mother have four" and confiding in my best friend "I hate this". I remember going for long walks and weeping as I thought of all the pain in the world (thanks hormones).

I remember holding you as you had reflux and I didn't know how to help you, so I just walked around the house as you cried in pain, tiny sharp finger nails clawing at my face and chest. I remember the guilt I felt - "I'm a bad mother because I'm sick of you crying", or "I'm a bad mother because I leave you to cry".

It has been the hardest and best year of my life. You are the apple of my eye. You have brought healing to my life. Deep joy and fullness. Your precious father and I have learnt so much. We wouldn't change anything! We love to play peek a boo with you, to watch you sleep, to cuddle and kiss you, to watch you explore our back yard. You are our darling.

But I want to share that the first year of motherhood hasn't been easy. All mothers have unique experiences; some find it easier than others. But whether we have a smooth birth, or a traumatic one, whether our baby has colic or eczema or allergies, or is perfectly healthy, whether we endure Post Natal Depression or not - the adjustment is the most significant one a woman will ever face.

Happy Birthday darling daughter. And happy one year anniversary of being a mother to me.

Emma Batts is the clever creator of Heartfelt Kitchen a place where she shares her recipes, tips and stories from the heart of the home. Her recipes, food styling and photography is just divine! Check it out for yourself.

Getting Organised

Was it tears of sadness or joy for you as you packed your kids off to school or day care this term? For me it heralded in a new stage, one I would have to be super organised to pull off. Juggling my days styling and packing baby hampers for Little Kisses, as well as sourcing all the very best baby gifts for newborn babies and new mums, on top of ensuring the family continues to be nurtured with good food and routines, there was certainly no room in the week for winging it!

If you've found yourself struggling to cope with all you need to achieve in the week, maybe you’ll find these tips below useful. It may even free you up to tick off some of your New Years Resolutions. I am back to reading novels and stressing less and laughing more!

Before the new week begins, give some thought to the 5 week-night meals ahead. Write it up on a whiteboard in the kitchen as a guide, so you are not thinking about it when you are tired at the end of the day. I use these amazingly handy white board sheets that stick to any glass or wall surface and are reusable They are also great for writing up the weekly schedule of each household member. You’ll be able to identify in advance where the potential stressful moments might be and put things in place to avoid a meltdown moment.

I am in love with for it’s amazingly good value and quality produce. Not to mention being delivered to your front door! You can customise your fruit and vegetble box for family preferences plus add meat and dairy. Using the major supermarkets online service for dry goods and household necessities plus home fresh organics means better food planning, less wastage and time saved by doing it all online.

When doing a bulk cook up, consider par boiling the pasta and rice as well. Add the par boiled pasta to your bolognaise and par boiled rice to your curries, portion them out into zip lock bags or Tupperware containers to create several ready-made meals that only require reheating.

Par boil a large batch of vegetables too. When required, take them out of the freezer and pour hot water over them and they are ready to go.

A power snack lunch box idea that works well for any age child, is a ‘cheese box’. It is fun and nutritious. Vegetable sticks, hummus, olives, a wedge of cheese and crackers. Kids love it!

Change the shape of your children’s food during preparation. You know yourself how much nicer it is to have a sandwich out. Often it’s prepared differently making it far more appealing. Sandwich fingers can be a graduation from bite size squares for the littlies.

Have fun with the food prep. I caught the muffin surprise game of my sister-in-law. Make a batch of muffin mix adding berries to half the batter and banana and choc chip to the other half. You can have fun talking to your child at pick-up time, asking which muffin flavour they got today.

Involve the children in the lunch preparation. It helps their buy in to healthy eating and eliminates any disappointment. ‘I’m packing you an apple for morning tea so you will have sparkly white teeth’!

Use up what is left over from the lunch box for afternoon tea, a piece of fruit maybe or a cheese stick? After that they can have a treat like an ice-block. This encourages them to eat what you give them rather than always having new food options available.

Have a casual self-serve night like ‘Taco Tuesday’ or home made pizzas (prepare the mince and dough ahead and freeze) everyone can help with the assembly.


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