October 19, 2017

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Spoil a new mum with a gift hamper for her

October finds us packing lots of baby hampers to send out to all the clever new mummies and newborn babies. This spring/summer we have added many more pampering products to make up some new and exciting baby hampers 'for her'. Perfect to spoil someone going on maternity leave, a baby-moon, having a baby shower, or having just delivered a newborn baby.

Having just had a baby myself and being able to road test the products means they come highly recommended from I think a reliable source! Have a silk eye mask to slip on, to catnap or to block out the lights at night, its an absolute must! Spoil yourself with a fresh new pair of pyjamas, a sweet smelling body wash and indulgent face cream to send your body a nurturing message 'You are important too'.


I love those days in hospital post-birth, where you are in a little love bubble with your newborn baby, oblivious to the outside world. It makes it even more gorgeous if your loved ones gift you some pampering treats to remind yourself, as a new mother, it's important to take care of yourself as well.

For all three babies I have endeavoured to create a calm, enriching space for them to enter into the world and I'm sure it has made a difference to their start in life.

Here are some ideas to create your own bubble. Make a playlist with your favourite classical music as it calms the nerves and de-sensitises situations that can feel stressful or overwhelming. Try battery operated candles by the bed and bassinet to avoid the harsh florescent lights. Use a relaxing room mist to freshen up the air, especially with the flow of people coming in and out of hospital (the 'do not disturb' sign can also be handy here).

 Hospital checklist; extra niceties that make your time in hospital with a new baby more pleasant. New toiletry bag, BB cream, lip gloss, mascara, Mecca Rosewater Facial Spray, hand cream, body wash, body moisturiser, shower cap, Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo, battery candles, new pyjamas, breastfeeding cover/generally cosy wrap, slip silk eye mask and pillow case, calming music playlist, basket of snacks.. dark chocolate, berries, nougat.. 


Bringing a baby into the world is a very special time made more special by the love and support of those around you.

Is your parenting style helping or hindering?

"As soon as independence has been reached, the adult who keeps on helping that child becomes an obstacle" declared Maria Montessori.

I love coming across a thought provoking quote. They always seem to be so timely as if someone's sending me a message or a helping hand. Reading this on the wall at Kindy this week was a good reminder for me to slow down and try to back off. In our modern way of parenting, where we are striving for perfection and control and fitting so much into every day, we allow very little time for children to take ownership of their responsibilities and to master even simple tasks.

For example, can you believe I am still putting on my Preppy's shoes and socks and helping him to dress after swimming lessons at school. In my mind I am making him comfortable for the day, having straight socks and the perfectly fitted shoe, not to mention saving time! But as I look around me and see many Prep kids putting on their own shoes and socks and getting much satisfaction from doing so, I realise I am depriving him of his own mastery and that 'over-parenting' can become an obstacle to their independence.

Are you a help or a hindrance? Very quickly I've realised my helping is a hindrance and I've thought of a few ways I can encourage independence and the opportunity of mastery at home.

1. Have the kids drink bottles named, filled up and in the fridge door so no-one is yelling out for 'a drink please'.

2. Have the kids clothes available and organised into categories so they can dress themselves for school, weekends, bed-time etc.

3. Have a place for the kids to put their schoolbag and belongings after school. This helps to get all the gear out of the car and packed away.

4. Have evening tidying up time in the playroom or bedroom so they share the activity and take pride in a clean and organised space.

5. Give them a job like helping to unpack the dishwasher, setting the table for dinner, or helping to prepare some part of the family meal, so they feel that they are contributing to the running of the family.

6. You could even do a rough drawing of what you expect your child to do at certain times of the day. For the morning routine you could draw images of brushing teeth, getting dressed, making their bed, putting on shoes, getting out their school bag etc....

Here is a link to a great article confirming confidence is built on competencies. It goes further in suggesting that the current approach to bringing up children may be stifling our little ones sense of adventure. 

Helicopter parenting: What can modern parents do to help their children become independent?

"That notion of being able to look after yourself and developing those basic competencies of life is the first step in developing real confidence and self-esteem".


January 22, 2017

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A Positive Start to School

Have you got a baby that turned into a Preppy overnight and is starting school tomorrow! No doubt you are over-worrying the preparation to ensure their start to school is a positive one. Don't worry you still have today to get organised!

I am constantly on the hunt for ways to improve and streamline all the gear we have to cart around for Kindy and School. Get smart with your purchases and make sure they improve efficiency.

- Back packs that don't have a water bottle carrier are a nightmare

- Lunch bags that don't fit inside backpacks are a no-no

- Forget straws as having to match up straws to water bottles in a hurry drives you round the bend 


Biome is a great place to visit for a variety of lunch boxes, spill free containers, cooling ice packs that are condensation free, and even clever freezable lunch bags.

Biome sweat proof ice pack

Smiggle adds the fun element with bright lunch bags, cute alphabet keychains that are perfect for personalising belongings and straw free water bottles that even have a built in atomiser for instant heat relief.

Smiggle alphabet sprinkle ball keyring

Woolworths have some funky insulated cooler bags and water bottles by Decor Pumped and Camlebak.

If you haven't completed all your labelling, Officeworks can assist with a variety of adhesive vinyl labels (and have a couple of cool Starwars keyrings too).

It doesn't have to be done for tomorrow but embroidering a child's initials on their school bag in matching school colours looks very smart as well as saving you and your child time finding their bag each day.

For personalising school hats, in addition to writing on your child name, you could iron on a badge of their choice, a flower or animal for example helps them identify it quickly.

To make the mornings less stressful, write down a quick list of food items in categories that your child eats, include dairy, fruits, protein, carbohydrates, veggies and treats. That way you can build a healthy well-balanced lunch box more quickly.

Yumbox lunch box

Tonight help your child practice putting their shoes and socks on a couple of times.

Draw a map from home to school so the child gets a sense of where they'll be in relation to you.

Put a picture of the school and your child's teachers on the fridge.

And don't forget tomorrow to take the obligatory first day photo of your child in their uniform! The front steps is always a nice idea but have you considered one at the school gate? Grab a family shot too while you're there.


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December 02, 2016

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Ten wonderful ways to make Christmas time more magical for babies and kids

1. Play Christmas carols and dance around.

2. Let the kids be involved in the unpacking, sorting and putting up the Christmas decorations.

3. Make some Christmas Cookies or a Gingerbread House if you're feeling clever.

4. See what events/workshops are around in your local area, for example, Queensland Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert, nothing like a good sing along to get us all in the Christmas spirit. Lighting of the community Christmas Tree. Lantern making. David Jones Christmas Parade...

5. Help the kids to realise Christmas isn't all about them by getting them involved in gift giving. Let them choose a gift to put in the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal or be involved in choosing a Teacher Gift to show their appreciation and thanks, or selecting some of their own toys and clothes to give away to an appeal.

6. Reading Christmas stories in the lead up to Christmas helps the kids understand the meaning of Christmas. Personalised books involving the kids names add extra excitement as well as chatting to Santa or setting up a personalised video. If they are old enough writing to Santa is a fun activity.

When a new baby arrives, starting your own family Christmas traditions is a great thing to do and continue on, some ideas below:

7. Let the children choose a new Christmas decoration each year to hang on the Christmas tree.

8. Have the family go to bed in a new pair of pyjamas so they wake up extra fresh and cute ready for unwrapping their presents and lots of photos...

9. Have a special family ritual the night before. Get into new pyjamas, hang stocking, leave out oats for the reindeers, a carrot for Rudolph and cookies and milk for Santa, don't forget a key if you haven't got a chimney! Read a Christmas story or watch a Christmas movie like Elf and Polar Express.

10. Hide one main present around the house and let the kids search for it on Christmas morning. It prolongs the unwrapping and the fun and excitement. 

Don't forget to leave a sign that 'Santa was here'!

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October 29, 2016

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Halloween food and fun ideas for toddlers and young children

Thank goodness it takes a few years for the little folk to get into the Halloween spirit but once they do it seems to be on for young and old! If you are stuck at home with a new baby or younger child this Halloween you can still get into the spirit. Here are some great ideas on how to decorate the home with a few scary faced balloons, spooky food and fun games.

Halloween Balloons

Ghost Bowling

Spooky Pizza

Eyeball Cups

Finger Buns

Ghost Meringues

Pin the spider on the web free printable

 How spooky wooky is that and heaps of fun for all the family! 

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October 06, 2016

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Ready Set Summer

If a new born baby is your summer accessory you will have a lot of fun shopping all the crazy cute things in-store. We've certainly enjoyed putting together our latest Baby Hampers to welcome the season's newest little arrivals. We always like to recommend other popular things we come across so you must grab yourself a copy of Jamie Oliver's Everyday Super Food and one of Project Ten's oversized Carry All.

Summertime Sorbet Baby Hamper $159

Seed Heritage CROSS DYE CROCHET DRESS $129.95, because everyone needs an easy throw on summer shift in their wardrobe.

Bella & Lace Crochet Romper Sorbet is the perfect pink voile onesie with crochet detail, does it get any sweeter?


Frosé (A.K.A. frozen rosé). Is the hottest drink of summer.


Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver $39.40, recipes for a healthier, happier you.

Project Ten Gold Cubed Oversized Tote $19.95. The Perfect beach bag or oversize carry all. Use them for the beach, car trips, camping or moving house.

 Rock Around The Clock Baby Hamper $149. Spoil those new baby boys of summer.

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August 29, 2016

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Father's Day Checklist


First baby, first Father's Day? Make it Special. Hopefully the below checklist serves as a source of inspiration.

Father's Day Checklist

1. Give him lots of cuddles and kisses to make him feel very special

2. Have the kids give him a Father's Day card (hopefully kindy or school has taken care of this!)

3. Head out to a scrumptious breakfast place with good coffee 

4. Spoil him with some thoughtful things (a photo book or Instagram pictures made into fridge magnets are a cute way to re-live special dad moments). 



Something sweet is always a hit. May we suggest Rocky Road !

5. If you want to take it a step further we suggest some of these indulgences!

A monogramed card holder from The Daily Edited

A new pair of kicks for weekend wear PS by Paul Smith

Initialed cufflinks (Star Wars - 'I Am Your Father cufflinks' are cute) 

A new T-shirt would be a handy gift for the start of Spring (CR Melange Stripe T-Shirt)

A book. This Book 'Cheers to Childbirth' is a must read for anyone embarking on Fatherhood

Something from Bunnings! (Cordless Drill




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August 19, 2016

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When lovers become parents: Do you still love me now that I shout at you?

My pregnant neighbour just a few weeks off giving birth to her third baby said she wasn't looking forward to getting the grumps! At first I thought it was a funny response but now thinking back to my time with a newborn, I remember having the grumps too! A new baby brings so much joy but also at times a very short fuse.

This article my sister-in-law recently sent through really struck a chord. When lovers become parents: Do you still love me now that I shout at you?


I saw in the email trail that she had sent it to her husband and his response was "more than ever". Getting a glimpse of this response brought an instant tear to my eye - a happy and sad tear. Happy for all those supportive partners who's commitment never falters through the toughest times of raising a young family but sad for the reminder that your bubbly and carefree pre-baby self temporarily gets replaced with a cranky and tired version.

I am grateful we got through this phase and can see more time for us on the horizon.

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July 22, 2016

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As we enter the second half of the year many families are faced with the tough decision about whether their child is school-ready. I am one of them.

Having a June baby (the cut off month) means the child will start Prep aged only four and a half, with children in their class up to 12 months older. Even if your child shows no obvious signs of unreadiness it is difficult to foresee the impact five full days of school will have, the fatigue factor, and the greater expectation that will be placed on your child. You need a crystal ball! 

Researching the topic actually makes the decision harder as you can find powerful arguments for and against. Listening to the car-park gossip just makes you fearful and may cloud your judgment.

What I found useful was talking to the key people involved such as current and future teachers and getting an understanding of what being school ready involves. Ultimately it means making the best decision based on your child and your family, then committing to it.

The aim is not to give your child an advantage over others, it is to give your child a positive start to the whole school experience, not just Prep, but the early learning years of grades 1, 2 and 3.

Things I found out...

Readiness is about emotional and social maturity and has little to do with academic skill

Being ready for school is critical as you don't want your child to just cope but rather to thrive and flourish 

Children who are thriving tend to make the most of all opportunities. Children who just cope or don't cope at all tend to have a harder road to travel

Curiosity, persistence, the confidence to 'have a go' and resilience are positive learning dispositions

If you are struggling to make a decision grab yourself a copy of Ready Set Go (How to tell if your child's ready for school and prepare them for the best start) by Kathy Walker.

Also an interesting article about a frustrated mother who thinks it would be a whole lot easier if everyone stuck to the system in place!


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Staycation - the surprising holiday destination!

Anyone with babies and young kids should try one of these, I'm sure you'll be booking in again next year!

A staycation is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds at night.

Family picnic

Sounds good to me.

No packing the car, no setting up home away from home, no ...

I am looking forward to trying one of these! At every opportunity our family packs up and heads for the hills in the hope of a relaxing holiday that will wash away the city stress. I am even surprised when friends don't take up the opportunity to get out of town for long weekends but I am now realising they are the clever ones as it often ends up being more work than holiday. Packing up to go away with babies and young kids is an enormous job, the car ride can be stressful and setting up the new destination to function like home takes a lot of planning and a lot of stuff.

That's why these holidays we are going on Staycation! We will stay put and spend the money on fun local activities, hired help, meals prepared by someone else and at night time all fall into our own beds and have a wonderful night's sleep. 

Babies sleeping


Day 1. Family in pyjamas until lunch time. Pancakes for brunch.

Day 2. Venture out to one of the fantastic events that you read about in your local paper but yet never get time to do. Winter Festival, Out Of The Box Disney On Ice The Candy Academy Measure Island - we'll need another week!

Day 3. Get a babysitter and have a long lunch with husband and catch a movie at the cinema (wow this is a holiday!)

Day 4. Build forts and cubbies around the house that you never have time to do because you're rushing here and there to the next scheduled event.

Day 5. Finish the photo wall, the kids baby books, buy them new sheets and turn their rooms around. A change is as good as a holiday.

Day 6. Bake - everyone can get involved. Freeze food ready for the new school term.

Day 7. Bring out the board games. Board games and puzzles can be just as much fun for the adults as the kids and it's a lovely way to bond as a family.

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